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We understand the stress and pressure involved with your projects, new websites, software implementation and grabbing those sales conversion! Let KazooSoft coach you and consult to point you in the right direction. We can offer full SEO reporting or simple advice to fit your budgets!

Our Services…

Fast, sleek & smooth

Thats right… We offer fast, sleek and smooth websites. Check out our portfolio if you like what you see contact us!

Turn the lights on!

Don’t get lost in this fast evolving online world! – We will work with you to produce your online presence using online advertising and SEO techniques to promote your services!

Be seen by your customers!

Its important to make sure you can be found, if you have a product to sell. We can help you sell it!

Got an idea?

Have a funky new idea but unable to develop it? We can help with a host of development skills, Web & Software.

It's not Magic!

What we do is not Wizardry or Magic.. Its logic, anyone can learn a language, become a chef, we chose to be developers!

Be Number 1!

Its important to be on Page 1 in Google. We can never promise this achievement, but we can sure help!

KazooSoft is waiting for you!

Our Team

We are 1! - KazooSoft is run by 1 person alone but pool resources from trusted developers and specialists when required.

  • Steven Church
    Steven Church
    Advertising Guru, CEO, Developer

Who is KazooSoft LTD?
Name: Steven Church
Years Developing: 10

About Me
Skills: PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS3, Design, Branding
E-Commerce: Magento, Opencart
CMS: WordPress, Drupal

I’m a freelancer.. I would prefer not to give
my lovely address away but call me!

Phone: +44 (0)7807 230 647

Covered with specialist insurance
We have:
tick_imageProfessional indemnity insurance

Company Number: 09869348

Leave a message and I will get back to you! .